14 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Weekend

When a dog is in your life, there’s never a boring moment. If hanging out with your dog is your favorite thing to do, you have plenty of company.

Getting active and socializing with your puppy has several health benefits, including bonding, mental and physical stimulation, and a reduced risk of disease.

You already know that you and your furry buddy can make any activity more enjoyable by sharing it together, but in case you’re stuck for ideas or just want to shake things up, here are some suggestions for things you can do with your pet:

14 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Weekend

1. Vehicle trips

The vast majority of canines enjoy vehicle trips. When going to see loved ones, you can bring Puppy along with you. Plan a detour to a pet-friendly mall to do some shopping with your canine companion. Several canines like window shopping at pet stores. Together, you can go to the toy store and stock up on fun.

2. Going to his favorite locations

Bringing your pet with you to a favorite location is a surefire way to increase their level of contentment. This is enjoyable because it gives your dog exposure to new surroundings.

3. Walk in the woods: Your dog will benefit from a walk in the woods since he or she will have the chance to sniff about and take in the scenery. Perhaps you have a dog who enjoys splashing around in water and there’s a lake or beach nearby.

4. Going together to a restaurant, or a café

You and your closest friend might be able to spend some time at a local bar, restaurant, or café if they welcome dogs. Dogs on leashes are welcome at some retail establishments, so you may take Fido shopping with you.

5. Visiting close friends

Another option is to just take your dog along on vehicle trips or visits to people your pet enjoys seeing. Finding something you know your dog will appreciate is the goal, so think about what your dog likes.

6. Play hide-and-seek

You can test your dog’s tracking skills by playing hide-and-seek with an piece of clothing or a toy. Making your home into a “egg hunt” for your dog is a fun method to exercise his or her nose and train him or her for a scent game.


The best part is that you don’t even need a yard or any extra area at all to set up an egg hunt for your family and friends. As long as everyone’s safety is prioritized, going on an egg search with your canine companion can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

7. Goin to beach

Make sure the beach or lake you plan to visit allows dogs and that you pack a bath towel for your Waggy dog before you head out for a swim with your little friend. Enjoy a boat ride with your pet.

8. Playing

Fun awaits you outside your door all year round. You can run through the sprinkler or play fetch with snowballs in the middle of a snowfall, but make sure your dog is warm and dry by covering him or her with a dog coat or a jacket.

9. Going to Spa

Treat your dog to a spa day and some mani-pedis. Doga is a form of pet yoga that puts a dog twist on the traditional downward dog. Go out on rollerblades. Take Fido to a large open field where he may run free and hunt squirrels.

10. Going to dog park

Let’s go to a pumpkin patch. Get your pet socialized at an off-leash dog park or take a stroll across town with your trusty buddy, stopping at each establishment that welcomes pets for a snack.

11. Having lunch together

Enjoy your meal with your dog by sitting outside. Let your dog watch the bait while you go fishing, and have a good time. Have a canoeing adventure.

12. Visiting people in nursing home

Get out of the house and go see some people in the hospital or a nursing home. Dogs of any age take pleasure in the challenge of learning something new, so why not teach them some fantastic skills to show off to your friends and family? Run, jog, or walk around the block together.

13. Going in a trip

Taking a trip with your pet is something to think about if you haven’t done so already. Having a dog as a trusty travel companion can greatly enhance your experience. There are beaches and other tourist destinations to visit. Make preparations for a camping trip.

14 Watching TV

Nap snugly while watching a movie made especially for dogs. Even the smallest of joys can leave an indelible mark on one’s mind. You should go out and have some fun with your dog because he or she enjoys being with you.

What do dogs like to do for fun?

Dogs enjoy a variety of activities, but some of their favorites include playing fetch, going for walks and runs, and exploring new environments.


Many dogs also love to play with other dogs, so dog parks can be a great place for them to have some fun. If you’re not sure what your dog likes to do, just try out a few different things and see what gets their tail wagging!

What makes a dog bored?

A dog can become bored for a variety of reasons, including lack of exercise, lack of mental stimulation, and monotony.

To prevent boredom in dogs, it is important to provide them with plenty of opportunities for physical and mental activity. Dog-friendly activities such as walks, runs, games of fetch, and puzzle toys can help to keep dogs happy and engaged.

How can I make my dog’s brain busy?

Assuming you would like tips on how to keep your dog’s brain active:

One way to keep your dog’s brain active is to give them plenty of exercise. A tired dog is a good dog. Dogs that have regular opportunities to run and play are less likely to bark excessively, dig holes in the yard, or chew on furniture.

Another way to keep your dog’s brain busy is to provide them with interactive toys and feeders. These products challenge your pet mentally and physically while they play and eat.

Kongs stuffed with treats are a favorite among many dogs, as are puzzle feeders that make them work for their food.

If you want your dog to really use their noggin’, consider teaching them tricks or enrolling them in an obedience class. Tricks like “spin,” ” crawl,” “shake,” and “play dead” are sure to give your pup a good workout mentally and physically.


There are plenty of great activities you can do with your pup this weekend! From going for a hike to playing fetch in the park, spending quality time with your furry friend is sure to put a smile on both of your faces.

Don’t forget that you also have the option to stay indoors and enjoy some cozy cuddle time or even whip up some delicious homemade treats for them. No matter what activity you choose, make sure to give your pup lots of love and attention- they deserve it!


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