7 Common Dog Bad Breath Causes

So your dog has bad breath and you want to find out what’s causing it, below listed are some of the most common dog bad breath causes and why dogs suffer from bad breath…

Dog Bad Breath Causes:

– Gingivitis

This again can contribute to bad breath. The way to find out if your dog has Gingivitis or not is to take a good look at the dog’s gums and see if there are any signs of them being swollen, sore, bright red in color or shiny.

– Diet

Diet is known to play a part in dog bad breath causes. Avoid canned foods as they tend to form plaque very quickly. The best form of food for dogs with bad breath is raw food or dried food.

– Oral Hygiene

This is the most common reason for your dog to have bad breath. You see, dogs tend to collect bacteria, germs, plaque just like humans do, obviously we brush our teeth regularly and they don’t. So over a period of time there might have been a plaque build up which is causing the breath to stink.

– Rotten Teeth

Take a good look at your dog’s teeth and see if you can see any signs of rotten teeth. Rotten teeth are a big cause of bad breath in dogs.

– Kidney Problems

Dogs with kidney problems are known to have really bad breath, however the irony is that dog’s with kidney problems can lose up to 70% of the function of their kidney’s before showing any clinical signs of kidney disease.

– Anal Glands

Dogs normally clean their anal glands by dragging themselves on rugs, carpets etc. However if there is only laminate flooring around the house it becomes difficult for them to clean, so will eventually cause bad breath as they will start licking themselves.

Baby Teeth

When younger dogs shed their baby teeth that can lead to them drooling and having bad breath.

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dog bad breath causes
dog bad breath causes

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