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Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Review


You can’t come too close to your dog if he has bad breath, but you’ll need to know what causes it and how to minimize it using dog bad breath home remedy.

A dog with bad breath, also known as halitosis in dogs, is one of the most unpleasant smells a person can encounter.

Bad dog breath is not only unpleasant, but it could also indicate a medical problem. Poor dental care and periodontal disease are the most common reasons for dog bad breath.

When plaque and tartar build up on teeth, the same bacteria that cause bad breath in people can multiply. Plaque buildup is the most likely cause of your dog’s bad breath if you don’t regularly brush or clean their teeth.

Plaque and tartar buildup can cause halitosis, gum disease, bone loss, and tooth decay.

Sometimes a dog’s diet is responsible for their chronic bad breath. If your dog has a habit of digging through the trash or snacking on rotting animal parts, this may be the cause of its foul breath.

Breath that smells or tastes fruity may be an indicator of diabetes, a potentially fatal but treatable disease. Pup Labs has developed a tasty chewable vitamin to treat bad breath and provide other health benefits. We call it “Fresh Breathies” around here.

Pup Lab’s Fresh Breathies eliminate the odor of gas and help dogs keep their breath fresh. The dental chews have a chicken flavor and help maintain a healthy digestive system, gut flora, and teeth and gums.

Your dog’s health will be healthy naturally and safely by its strong nutrients. Thus, you will have less trash to pick up in your yard. The quality of life for your pet will also increase. To learn more about Fresh Breathies, click here…


Pup Labs Fresh Breathies, in a nutshell

The purpose of Fresh Breathies is to treat and prevent dog bad breath with an innovative chewable nutrient.

The chicken-flavored dental chews from Pup Lab promote healthy digestion and minty fresh breath.

There are only natural components in Fresh Breathies chews, which work synergistically to improve your dog’s dental and digestive health.

All the yummy stuff in these Pup Labs Fresh Breathies chews has been clinically proven to be safe and effective by a team of experts from the US, Japan, and Australia.

The condition of your dog’s digestive system is the single most critical indicator of his overall health and longevity.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies’ premium blend of all-natural nutrients aids in maintaining optimal digestive health.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies claims its potent blend of nutrients promotes good gut flora and keeps breath smelling fresh.

As a result, it improves the elimination of odors such as bad breath, gas, and body odor. In addition to these advantages, it also provides the user with stronger stools, less itching and irritation, and relief from achy joints.

How Does Fresh Breathies Work?

The gut microbiome consists of millions of bacteria, and Fresh Breathies help to improve that ecosystem. While the implications for human health have been discussed, it is also important to consider the implications for animal health.

One source claims that both an excess of any one strain of beneficial bacteria and a deficiency of any other can pose serious health risks to dogs. So what if we have good bacteria?


First, they serve as the body’s initial defence against potentially dangerous bacteria. Dogs are naturally curious animals that eat whatever they find. If the gut isn’t protected, the body is wide open to attack from any uninvited parties.

Second, enzymes that support nutrient absorption can only be produced by a balanced microbiome. What good is the food they eat if their bodies can’t absorb the nutrients it contains?

Next, it has been discovered that one’s mental health is directly related to the state of their digestive system. This is due to the fact that the gut microbiome is connected to cognitive processes via the gut-brain axis.

One article elaborated on this connection by positing that bacteria in the digestive tract actually communicate with the brain via chemical signals. Different types can have different effects on the listener; some can be soothing, while others can be upsetting.

Finally, the gut and the immune system are inseparable, despite common perceptions to the contrary. Allegedly, bacteria collaborate with lymphoid tissue in the dog’s stomach, which makes up around 90% of the dog’s immune system.

Simply said, declining immunity is an indicator of poor gut health. Now that we know how important gut health is to a dog’s overall health, we can examine the specifics of Pup Labs’ healing strategy, i.e., the ingredients.

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Fresh Breathies Review For Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

Ingredients of Fresh Breathies

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies contain the following natural ingredients:

Yucca Schidigera Extract

It is well-established that supplementing your dog or cat’s diet with an extract of Yucca schidigera, a natural fibre source, will improve their health.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this ingredient is present in a large percentage of pet food because it has been shown to reduce the offensive smell of faeces by 26%.


In each case, there are prerequisites that must be satisfied. It’s crucial to start with the right dose. Excessive amounts of anything can have an adverse effect.

Extract of Champignon Mushroom

Champignon mushroom extract, also known as white button mushroom extract, is a healthy alternative to synthetic flavorings that may be used to improve the flavor of foods.

Fresh Breathies contain an ingredient that purportedly neutralises toxins while simultaneously making one’s breath smell better.


Due to its high chlorophyll and antioxidant content, as well as its provision of the essential fatty acid GLA, spirulina is a powerhouse of nutrients. According to studies, it also benefits the health of the intestines and the heart. An acceptable daily dose is a quarter of a teaspoon per pound of food.

Animal and in vitro studies show that algae can help with a wide range of health issues, including reducing the symptoms of allergies, bolstering the immune system, improving the digestive system, aiding in the detoxification process, and perhaps lowering the risk of cancer.


Using a scraper, the inner bark of Cinnamomum trees may be harvested for a spice known as cinnamon. This means that canine companions are protected against even the smallest of exposures.

There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not cinnamon is toxic to dogs, but many authorities insist it is not.


Parsley comes from the Apiaceae family of plants. The plant blooms with beauty. Its high vitamin content, which includes vitamins C, A, and K, has made it a popular recommendation.

This trio may improve your pet’s immunity, eyesight, and overall health.

The essential B vitamins found in parsley are well-known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, parsley can aid the body in flushing out harmful toxins.


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Top Benefits of Fresh Breathies

The ingredients in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are promoted as helping to support and promote stronger gut health, among other benefits.

Better Breath

If your dog has a problem with bad breath, Fresh Breathies could be the solution. The chews’ natural ingredients boost intestinal health and overall fitness, bringing back that “sweet puppy breath.” smell.

Less Flatulence

If your dog has especially pungent flatulence, Fresh Breathies may help. The manufacturer of this supplement states that it can mitigate the bad odors produced at the dog digestive tract’s initiation.

Help Maintain a Healthy Gut

Your dog’s overall health and well-being depend on the condition of his digestive system. Since they encourage regular bowel movements, Fresh Breathies may improve a dog’s breath, flatulence, and general well-being.

Calm and Composure

Those who own dogs can rest easy knowing their pets are healthy. Giving your dog a daily serving of Fresh Breathies may help them in many ways, both internally and externally.

As an example, if your dog’s gut health isn’t great, it can affect the dog’s overall health and wellness, including the dog’s ability to absorb essential minerals.

You may notice changes in your dog’s body and health if you take care of his digestive system.

Boosts Energy

It has been suggested that feeding your dog Pup Labs Fresh Breathies might help keep them energized. The inability to properly digest and absorb their food is a common cause of fatigue in dogs.

Dogs of any age can benefit from the enhanced vitality that comes from improved digestive health thanks to Fresh Breathies.


Prevents aging-related health declines

An ageing dog’s body is more prone to developing a variety of ailments and diseases. Natural superfoods included in Fresh Breathies have been demonstrated to promote pet health as they become older.

There are a number of signs that your dog is becoming older, including bad breath, watery faeces, itching, and scratching. Fresh Breathies, created by Pup Labs, guard against all of these.

Within the first week, pet owners should see a marked improvement in their dogs’ breath, body odors, stool consistency, and general vigor.

It’s realistic to assume that they will gradually improve their conduct over time.

Their coats will look fuller and shinier after a few more weeks, and they will scratch themselves less often.

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Fresh Breathies Review For Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

How To Use Fresh Breathies

There are no artificial ingredients in Fresh Breathies. Instead, they employ a proprietary combination of all-natural ingredients shown to enhance your dog’s digestive health, freshen their breath, and boost their general well-being.

Every bottle of Fresh Breathies contains 30 treats, and depending on your dog’s weight, Pup Labs recommends giving him or her one or two soft chews per day.

– For dogs under 50 pounds, daily chewing on one Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is recommended.
– If your dog weighs more than fifty pounds, give them two Pup Labs Fresh Breathies chews daily.


Most dogs see an improvement in their breath and activity levels after only one week of using these tasty chews.

A thicker, glossier coat, firmer faeces, and less itching and scratching should all be visible within the first four weeks of use.

The best and longest-lasting results appear to be permanent after a period of consistent use lasting for six months. It’s important to keep in mind that regular application is the key to achieving the best results.

Fresh Breathies should not be given to a dog that is currently taking any kind of medication without first consulting with a veterinarian.

Bad breath, diarrhoea, arthritis, lethargy, and loss of appetite are all symptoms of dog’s illness. The team at Fresh Breathies is dedicated to finding effective, all-natural solutions to these issues.

This amazing product has the potential to extend the healthy life span of dogs of all sizes and ages. Shinier coats, healthier gums, and an overall boost in vitality are just a few of the ways in which your pets will benefit.

While probiotics can help, superfoods like the Champignon mushroom can do even more for your digestive system. Your dog will benefit from improved breath, more stamina, and a silkier coat as a result of this.

The powerful ingredients, such as spirulina and parsley, stimulate a healthy inflammatory response, which strengthens bones and reduces joint pain. Dogs can benefit from these chewables’ chicken flavour and the fact that they help maintain healthy teeth, gums, and breath.

Thanks to Fresh Breathies, pet owners may regain the joy of seeing their pet’s transformation back into its former, radiant self.

After a month on this nutritious snack, your senior dog will have the vitality of a dog half its age. In order to keep their pets in tip-top shape, customers said they just purchased Fresh Breathies.


About Pup Labs

Pup Labs is the result of a collaboration between people who care deeply about the health and happiness of pets. In all candour, this is the precise process that led to the creation and launch of Fresh Breathies.

Pup Labs is primarily concerned with the health of dogs and their quality of life because this will ensure customer loyalty and return business in the long run. What Peter Tzemis, the company’s creator, hopes customers will learn by using Fresh Breathies

Our goal is straightforward: to provide you with honest, high-quality health products so that you may watch your dog run, leap, and play while making memories that will last for a lifetime.

We at Pup Labs are here to set the record straight. We will no longer tolerate items that use secret ingredients or are pushed by veterinarians. Supplements and snacks for your dog’s health? Pup Labs has them. To learn more about Fresh Breathies, click here…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Fresh Breathies?

All dogs may enjoy the benefits of Fresh Breathies since they are created without the use of corn, wheat, or artificial chemicals. The importance of avoiding the latter cannot be overstated, because prolonged exposure may cause allergic reactions in some dogs.

Besides that, each batch only harnesses the highest-quality natural substances to battle unpleasant odor, and to eradicate its underlying source.

The National Animal Supplement Council has certified the plant’s manufacturing capabilities (NASC). The Non-Profit Animal Supplement Council (NASC) is committed to ensuring the safety of pet food by keeping an eye on production facilities.

How long should Fresh Breathies be used?

When it comes to improving gut health, consistency is key. Since restoring a healthy gut flora takes time, Pup Labs advises a 30-day minimum delivery period.


Can you explain why Fresh Breathies might be helpful?

Owners of pets that regularly use Fresh Breathies may begin to see improvements in their pets’:

In order to avoid mushy faeces, fatigue, joint pain, and a thinning fur coat, it is important to maintain good digestion. This may be accomplished by: – reducing gassiness and restoring breath – promoting greater gut health and immunological support – supporting healthy digestion

How long before I start to see changes using Fresh Breathies?

Dogs’ owners should see a marked improvement in their pets’ breath, body smells, stool consistency, and general vitality within the first week.

With time, we can hope to see behavioral changes (lower anxiety/aggression) in them.

Their coats will seem thicker and shinier after a few more weeks, and they will scratch themselves less often. However, it is generally recommended that you take the supplement for a minimum of six months to see lasting advantages.

Just how long will it be until my order of Fresh Breathies arrives?

Every order placed with Pup Labs is fulfilled in no more than 2 business days. Once the package leaves the warehouse, it might take three to five business days to arrive anywhere in the contiguous United States.


Pup Labs developed a solution that takes into account the dog’s whole body, including its immune system, digestive system, coat, and mental state, all of which are affected by its gut health.


Fresh Breathies is an all-natural remedy that has a beneficial effect on pets. Because of their delicate natures, our furry companions are easily upset by things like inadequate nutrition, antibiotic overuse, or general ill health, all of which might lead to feelings of anxiety or severe aggression. Consequently, using Fresh Breathies is an absolute must.

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Fresh Breathies Review For Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy