[Quiz] Hair of the Dog!

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[Quiz] Hair of the Dog!

This should be fairly easy for those dog lovers who frequent the grooming parlor...

After finishing this simple quiz, you will find out many things about the right practices when it comes to dog grooming...

  • Do dogs with short hair rarely require brushing because they don't shed?
  • Why dog groomers would not need to squeeze these glands in dogs?
  • Does every dog need a bath once a week?

Have fun with this super simple and enjoyable quiz!

1. Some poodle clips leave pom-poms hanging around the dog's ankles, and this style is known as ............

2. Dogs with short hair, like the Labrador and the Bullmastiff, rarely require brushing because they don't shed.

3. According to veterinarians, every dog needs a bath once a week.

4. Afghan Hounds always have a naturally occurring 'saddle' area.

5. Which of these razors gives you the longest hair.

6. Adding a comb or lift to a blade makes the resulting coat longer than with only the blade.

7. This device is available in three distinct styles: pliers, scissors, and a guillotine...

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