[Quiz] Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: Myths & Facts About Dogs!


[Quiz] Don't Believe Everything You Hear: Myths & Facts About Dogs!

There is some truth to each of these assertions, some are false.

What is your level of understanding when it comes to the stories you hear about dogs?

  • Do dogs outperform cats in intelligence tests?
  • Why you should hire a professional dog trainer if you want your dog to...
  • What do you need to do to discourage your dog from soiling the carpet?
  • When we can separate young puppies from their mothers?

Have fun with this super simple and enjoyable quiz!

A common method of training some types of drug-detecting canines involves getting them addicted to the drug they are meant to sniff out.

Young puppies shouldn't be separated from their mothers before they've been on their own for at least seven weeks.

Getting a puppy from a pet store that breeds and sells canines for profit isn't the best idea.

You should hire a professional trainer if you want your dog to learn proper behavior.

In general, mixed-breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs.

Dogs without hair, like the Chinese Crested, tend to become hotter than their hairy counterparts.

Pit bulls have jaws that are physiologically designed to close tightly when they fight.

Dogs have been shown to outperform cat in intelligence tests.

The poodle was originated in France, as stated by both the American and British Kennel Clubs.


Only male dogs raise a leg to urinate.

Household pets don't need to learn obedience because they aren't working.

To discourage your dog from soiling the carpet inside the house, you should rub his nose in the mess after he produces one.

Female dogs who are permitted to produce at least one litter before being spayed almost always have better temperaments.

Dogs were the first domesticated animal that had no practical purpose for humans, such as providing food or clothing.

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