[Quiz] Can You Understand Your Dog’s Body Language?


[Quiz] Do You Understand Dog's Body Language?

Do you think you can understand what Fido is saying by looking at his tail or listening to his bark?

Though they lack the ability to verbally express themselves, dogs are able to effectively convey their emotions by the indications they present with their bodies.

As we become more familiar with the language of dogs, we can better decipher the messages being sent by our dog companion.

You can learn what your dog is thinking by studying his or her facial expressions, tail, and ear movements.

So, can you really understand your dog's body language?

Try this quiz and see for yourself.

Have fun with this simple and enjoyable quiz!

When your dog does something wrong, they may experience the following emotions:


A dog's breed is a good indicator of whether or not it will bite.

Dogs, along with apes and monkeys, are the only other animals that can:

Petting an unfamiliar dog could be dangerous if the dog:

While the delivery man is approaching, if your dog starts barking, it demonstrates:

You should always rub the tummy of a dog you don't know very well if it shows it to you.

The direction in which a dog's tail wags can indicate whether or not that dog is interested in playing with your dog.


If your dog always carries his tail erect, he probably is:

The average score is 66%

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