[Quiz] What Can You DO With an Aggressive Dog?


[Quiz] What can you do with an aggressive dog?

The question is, what can you do about an aggressive dog, and how can you keep it from happening in the first place?

  • Is aggression in dogs not limited to any particular breed?
  • Is there a more vicious breed out there?
  • Which type of guard dog is most effective? And...
  • What makes the best guard dog? And much more to learn in this quiz...

Use this handy quiz to test your knowledge on these subject.

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Aggression in dogs is not limited to any particular breed.

In the late 20th century, Pit Bull Terrier faced limitations in many nations, including the US and the UK...

How should one best deal with an aggressive dog?

Which elements are most important when teaching a dog to be friendly and calm?

When a dog bites or assaults someone, it is usually the owner's fault.

What actions can be taken to keep kids safe from aggressive dogs?

Growling at you whenever you get near your dog's food dish or its toys is a classic sign of possessive hostility.

What makes the best guard dog?

The dog's hackles are up, his tail is tucked tight, and his ears are flat against his skull as he snarls and snaps at you. What kind of aggression is this?

A dog bounds at you, his tail wagging proudly and his ears perked eagerly. The tail wags ever-so-slightly in both directions. His eyes meet yours straight. What kind of aggression is this?

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