[Quiz] Best Practices for Feeding Your Dog for Optimal Health


[Quiz] Best Practices for Feeding Your Dog for Optimal Health

How much do you know about what you feed your four legged friends?

  • Can dogs live on a meat-only diet?
  • Do feeding dogs on garlic keeps fleas away from them?
  • When switching your dog from food to another, should you do it gradually for several days?
  • Why is it harmful to feed your dog too much liver?
  • And much more to learn in this quiz...

After finishing this simple quiz, you will find out how to take good care of your four-legged family member...

Have fun with this super simple and enjoyable quiz!

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Puppies should be given calcium supplements while they are still growing.

Dogs may live on a meat-only diet.

Many health issues are brought on by a high fat diet in dogs who are not overweight.

An older, slightly overweight female dog eats all the fat off a Christmas ham and then vomits and has severe diarrhea. What is the probable diagnosis?

Can you name a vitamin that a dog's diet doesn't need?

When switching your dog from one type of food to another, like from wet to dry or vice versa, it's best to do so gradually over the course of several days.

Which of the following nutrients does a dog NOT need to thrive?

Why is it harmful to feed a dog too much liver?

In the United States, which of these is the most prevalent canine nutritional disorder?

If you want to keep fleas away from your dog, feed him lots of garlic.

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