[Quiz] How to Fix Your Dog’s Bad Habits


[Quiz] How to Fix Your Dog's Bad Habits

Problems with the dog's conduct are the most typical reason for a break in the relationship between dog and owner.

What are some potential approaches to resolving these issues?

  • How many behavior issues do you expect if you buy a puppy from specific sources?
  • Your outdoor dog creates a series of large holes in the yard, what factors typically lead to this type of actions?
  • What is the most effective thing dog owners can do outside of training to minimize behavioral issues?
  • Which of the following issues with your dog's behavior do you think would benefit from speaking with a trained expert? And much more to learn form this quiz...

Take this quiz to learn how to fix your dog's bad habits

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Outdoor dog digging holes in yard, near walls and back door. What factors lead to this actions?

Dog stealing and hiding objects, like shoes, and avoiding owner when caught. He'll hide and eat stolen objects if not caught in the act. Why do you think this behavior has emerged now?


The "Nothing in Life is Free" method for training aggressive, dominating dogs, does NOT include:

What can dog owners do to reduce behavioral issues outside of training?

When planning a course of treatment for dog behavioral issues, what should be established first?

How many adult dogs from these sources are likely to have behavior issues?

What is the reason for the dog's destructive behavior and barking nonstop while being alone at home?

Your dog greets you enthusiastically when you back home. To fix this issue:


Which dog behavior issues should be handled by a trained expert?

Which of the following is NOT one of the common approaches to treat dog behavioral issues?

The average score is 29%

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